The Readers Talk

The author makes this truth bare and it’s ugly and she is tough enough to go twelve rounds with the champ. A good read.
Gary (Guys like this book too)

A truly fascinating story about love, life and a home away from home. Georgia’s writing style is informative, entertaining and her life perspective on dealing with setbacks is one I admired. From participating in psychic workshops to being an extra in Hollywood blockbusters, I couldn’t wait to see what would come next in her LA escapades.

Cassimatis’ story gave me hope that there was always something better out there, no matter how tough life got. Her engaging, personal style made me feel as if I was the one going through all her emotions.

Red Carpet Burns is a wonderfully written, compelling, no holds barred memoir from an Aussie girl who has mixed it with the best and wackiest that Hollyweird has to offer.Georgia’s adventures and misadventures will captivate completely. I cried and laughed …and wanted to whack her over the head and scream ‘he’s an A***hole -get out now!’ A story of second chances, risking it all for love and picking yourself up and finding your feet over and over again.

This book made me realise I wasn’t living!

Can’t believe all those men you dated. It made me reassess my own dating life.