New Zealand Review

Celebrity journalist dances with the devil in the City of Angels.

Sydney-born journalist Georgia Cassimatis entered Hollywood and found all that glitters is not necessarily gold. In her travel memoir, Red Carpet Burns, Cassimatis offers a compelling story about her pathway of self-discovery.

Initially drawn into the world of celebrity and all its trappings she enjoyed a glamorous and diverse lifestyle as a Los Angeles-based writer, reporting for Cleo, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. But she is soon challenged by the materialism and objectification that hovers over the Hollywood landscape. Red Carpet Burns is her journey.

After meeting the gorgeous and charismatic Simon, Georgia Cassimatis swaps her fabulous life in Sydney for Los Angeles, risking it all for a chance at love.

Georgia soon finds out, however, that Simon is not the man he seemed to be, and she has left her entire world behind for a loveless marriage with a man who is intent on making her miserable.
LA is a tough town—especially for a girl with no friends, no money and no job—but Georgia finds her way through the liars, fakes and cheats to become a successful celebrity journalist and soon realises she’s fallen in love again — this time with her new home town… LA.


I thoroughly enjoyed the book it was a bloody good read with every page turn. Maybe because as a Hollywood gossip columnist myself for the past 40 odd mumble years and having live in LA I could relate to much of it. I was disappointed that there were no pictures in the book, infact, when the book landed on my desk it was the fist thing I flicked through the pages to see.  It would have been nice to put a face to the people she was talking about. I thought the title was a strange one “Red Carpet Burns” when the cover depicts a woman walking a grey carpet…yes I know that’s being picky – but a red carpet is a red carpet in my mind and it should have been on the cover. I award the book four stars out of five, if there had have been a few pictures scattered through out, I would have awarded it five out of five stars! I recently lent the book to a Hollywood agent friend of mine and she loved it, that reminds me I must get it back from her this book is to good to let slip through my hands.

Retail $33.99 (NZ) published by Harlequin books Australian